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1:38 PM; "Tadaima Blog-San"
Sunday, December 09, 2007

everybody. Well it's december and I'm back after a five month non-blogging.Doesn't seem long, but well it is. Well I'm finally in highschool =)And it's going good.I've made alot of friends, and stuff. I'm also taking Japanese school.

Real school:5 days a week,learn math and stuff.

Japanese school: weekends,and we learn all the regular stuff in japanese.Basically were learning the language.

So christmas hoildays start in 2 weeks for me =)Which is awesome.My family,tho,moved christmas dinner to boxing day because they didnt want to come to our house on christmas.Thier were also alot of argument over a family photo.Alot of my family didn't want ot have a family foto and my mom was all angry over it. But things are all settled---I thin :|

So even tho christmas should be fun,it's also going to be a sad,very sad for me. My 友人 "tomodachi" (Friend),Smarty might be leaving back to her homeland. She came here for reasons I cannot explain. But she came here, and certain ppl are going to decide if she going back or staying here.She's really...sad about it.I'm really sad about it. I mean were best friends and I dont want her to leave.I have spent the last week crying alot,praying,hoping,and spending as much time with her.Hopefully they won't send her back.But she's having some difficulties finding a lawyer,and translator.I'm helping her all I can.I guess my christmas wish is for her not to go back and be happy.

What is your christmas list?Got one? Mine is:

-Ichi: For my bff Smarty to stay where she is.

-Ni:A pen Tablet *haha mouse doesn't like me*

-San:Nana 1 movie/Kamikaze girls movie

-Yon:Gothic Lolita clothing *I think this will be a present for myself*

-Go:Last not but least,manga/cds.Well maybe just one cd/manga.

I sound so Spoiled. I think thats bad. Hmm I also got alots of homework to do,jeez I just like to put things off. haha:

Ichi:Ap English: Read up to 120 (Fahrenheit 451), and do questions.

Ni:Japanese: Practice Japanese,got to remember greeting for party. And got to remember new words.

San: Art: Draw manga for fun. *Ok this isn't homework,but oh well*

Ok That might be the boriest blog entry.Hmm,maybe I need some


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